City Hall

City Manager – City Administration and Chief Officer

  • Brian Frieda

Assistant City Manager and City Finance Officer

  • John Pierik

City Secretary

  • Blaine Ross

Assistant City Secretary

  • Lindsey Byler-Gayoso

Accounts Payable

  • Paul Harris

City Clerks

  • Lola Murchison
  • Mickie Haddon

Public Works Director

  • Cord Bowman

Water Department

  • Eric Soto

Code Enforcement

  • Cord Bowman
  • Richard Jalomo
  • Mike New
  • John Pierik

Deputy Court Clerks

  • Mickie Haddon
  • Lola Murchison
  • Martha Speckles

Municipal Court Interim Judges

  • Hon. John Pierik
  • Hon. J.T. Owens

If you need emergency, fire, police or animal control services, please call dispatch at 325-365-3591 or 911.