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Runnels County Courthouse

The Runnels County Courthouse is located at 613 Hutchings Ave. It is one of the largest courthouse squares in Texas and plays host to the annual Ethnic Festival each April.


The county's original courthouse was built of stone from the Charles Willingham farm on the south side of the Colorado River. At a cost of $29,015, the construction process began Oct. 1, 1888, and was completed in October 1889. The three-story structure served county needs for the next 52 years.


With the need for new space, a renovation was ordered in 1941 and a two-story wing was added to each side of the courthouse. The interior was completely renovated and an elevator was installed. Using stone from the same quarry used in 1888, the 1941 renovations and additions cost $65,000.

To contact the staff at the courthouse, call 325-365-2633 or email


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