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June 2024 Watering Schedule

Ballinger has moved into Stage 3 of water restrictions due to Ballinger Lake's water level dropping below 1,658 feet of elevation. This has triggered the following restrictions:


1. Irrigation by all commercial, industrial and residential customers utilizing individual sprinklers or sprinkler systems for lawns, gardens, landscaped trees, trees, shrubs or other plants is prohibited; provided however, irrigation of gardens, trees and shrubs shall be permitted on the customers' designated date, as herein set out, except between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. if:


- A handheld hose is used and is personally attended by an individual at all times the water is running.


2. Use of water from fire hydrants shall be limited to fire fighting and related activities. Water use for domestic use only may be purchased from the bulk loading station (at the Ballinger Fire Department).


3. The following uses of water are defined as wasteful and are absolutely prohibited


- Allowing water to run more than 75 feet downgrade from the property line;


- Failure to repair a controllable leak;


- Washing sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios or other paved areas; except to alleviate immediate fire, health or safety hazards;


- The filling, refilling or adding of water to swimming and/or wading pools.


4. Any violation of these restrictions is hereby prohibited, declared to be unlawful, and subjects the violator to the following range of penalties in addition to applicable court costs and any other fees that might be involved herein:


- Upon conviction of any violation at a residence, a fine of $300 per violation will be imposed. If a second offense occurs, a fine of $500 will be imposed, and repeated violations may result in termination of water service with an associated $200 reconnect fee.


- Upon conviction of any violation at a commercial (including apartments) or industrial location, a fine of $500 will be imposed. Repeat violations may result in termination of water service with an associated $200 reconnect fee.


- It is an affirmative defense to any violation of these restrictions if the customer proves that the misused wasted water is from an operable water well serving the said property.


For more information, please call City Hall at 325-365-3511.

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